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Overheard on #b_h IRC

b_h IRC
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Overheard on #b_h IRC.

much to joybeans who gave birth to this incarnation of the circle-jerk that is #b_h IRC.

For help connecting to IRC, see this post by dee_batastrophe with additions from me.

I'm not a MAC-y, yet I hear you can use Colloquy or Chatzilla via Firefox

* Comments or questions, e-mail me
* Drunken posts welcomed!
* Post-locking encouraged

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IRC help channels:
/join #irchelp
/join #dalnethelp
/join #help

To register your nick(name), type the following in the window that is NOT in a channel where people will see your password. (Sub password numbers and e-mail addy w. your own)

/msg NickServ@services.dal.net REGISTER 9876543 you@gmail.com

Bitches stop fronting, kthnx
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