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10/21/07 05:03 pm - shadowdrop - Emotional Rape with a side of lol-sauce

And Hell's new prom queen is...Collapse )

1/17/07 03:03 pm - two_stabs - lolllz.

DCboy17: I'd rather not boast about my amazing qualities Cynical, they might blow your mind Cynical5679: I highly doubt it junior
Buck: (translation - he's proud of his 3 inch peen and pasta making skillz)
Yesca: yeah, he has the ability to housesit while his internet hookup goes out without him

4/16/07 03:12 pm - yesca

fuckie> You've never gone to the park to feed the ducks!?

yesca> yeah, they really like spit

fuckie> :|

yesca> and chicken lol

yesca> we had to leave

fuckie> Yeah...

7/16/06 01:42 am - mindrtist - ways to connect to IRC for those that need help

cut cuz none of you that read this need itCollapse )

free webpage hit counter

7/14/06 06:36 am - mindrtist - insomnia

I have no vision for this comm, my sleep-deprived mind thought it would be a good idea. Post what you will.

Thanks and please drive through.

Edit: human nature being as it is, most are f-locked now.
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